SPUG: Compiling Perl5.8.0 for Windows XP

Dwaine Felch dwainef at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 27 18:06:48 CDT 2002

About a week ago I asked about compiling the source code to use on
Windows; it works!

Thank you very, very much to the fellow that replied with directions on
how to do it, I don't have the mail he

Sent so I don't have his name. Here is how to do it in detail with
Visual Studio 6.0:


1)       Remove the spaces in the pathnames for the build environment
and add one or two as listed in Makefile.

2)       Cd to c:\perl5.8.0\win32

3)       Read perlwin32.html and edit the Makefile with what it says;
about three or four things usually just uncommenting.

4)       From a cmd prompt type: VCVARS32.BAT

5)       Type: nmake

6)       Type: nmake test

7)       Type: nmake install

8)       Add environment path to perl.

9)       Associate an icon of your choosing with .pl files.


It works very well I have not detected any problems at all!



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