SPUG: White Camel Award?

SPUG-list-owner tim at consultix-inc.com
Wed Jul 24 17:19:43 CDT 2002

On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 07:36:08AM -0700, Colin Meyer wrote:
> SPUGers,
> I am pleased to let you all know that our Tim Maher has won one of the
> prestigious White Camel awards, presented by brian d foy and the Perl
> Mongers

Huhh?? I won something? Cool! But I must admit I've really
enjoyed creating this forum for the interchange of Perl
knowledge, that has let us all bask in the Perl brilliance
of such prominent visitors as Larry Wall, Mark-Jason
Dominus, Nat Torkington, Gisle Ais, "The Damian" Conway
(MANY times over!), and others.

And apart from the "celebrity" speakers, we've also learned
a lot from our local comrades, such as Brian Ingerson,
Jeremy Kahn, Colin Meyer, Jim Flanagan, and Brian Akers,
to name only a few.

In the interest of the group, I'll seize this opportunity
to make an important appeal: if you like what SPUG is
doing, and want to contribute to the local Perl community,
please volunteer to present a talk from 5-120 minutes
in length about something related to Perl at a future
meeting. The "sharing of knowledge" is the fundamental
characteristic around which this group was formed, and
upon which it delivers the most value to its members.

As a personal aside, I'm convinced that one of the main
reasons SPUG has managed to stay alive for these past 4+
years is that I've been willing to pinch-hit as the main
speaker whenever nobody else could be convinced to do
so! And this is important, because many groups lose their
memberships because they're always wondering "Is there a
meeting this month?". For the record, we've had a meeting
EVERY MONTH since our inception on 3/17/98 (and sometimes
two per month)!

But there are limits to how much I can personally do for
the group, so I encourage the rest of you to contribute
more in the future. For unlike many other PM groups, which
focus primarily on collective Beer Ingestion, we also have
an educational component to our meetings (between the
pre- and post-meeting ingestional sessions). This makes
us special, but requires more from the participants. And
this might also explain why we have 2-3 times as many
subscribers on our mailing list as any other PM group! We
talk about *more* than BEER! (which is a worthy subject
in itself, but alas, not everything).

So please consider sharing your Perl knowledge with the
rest of us in an upcoming meeting! You may contact me at
spug at seattleperl.org with your ideas.

And finally, thanks to all who've helped make SPUG what it
is today, including AV whiz and long-time SPUGmeister Andy
Sweger, his associate Dora Choi, and the inestimable Colin
"Shroomy" Meyer, who's second only to yours truly in the
number of presentations he's made!

Vive la SPUG!

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