SPUG Talk Topics? (was Re: SPUG: White Camel Award?)

Dan Sanderson lists at dansanderson.com
Wed Jul 24 23:13:40 CDT 2002

On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, SPUG-list-owner wrote:

> In the interest of the group, I'll seize this opportunity
> to make an important appeal: if you like what SPUG is
> doing, and want to contribute to the local Perl community,
> please volunteer to present a talk from 5-120 minutes
> in length about something related to Perl at a future
> meeting. The "sharing of knowledge" is the fundamental
> characteristic around which this group was formed, and
> upon which it delivers the most value to its members.

So what topics would people like to see presentations on?  What'd be
useful?  What'd be fun?  If we throw together a wishlist, it'd be easier
to say, "Hey, I can talk for 5 minutes on that."  Or have we addressed
this question already and I just don't remember?

I still haven't come down from Damian's Perl 6 lecture and feel like
talking about it, though I feel like I'd have to study for a few months
before feeling up to relaying most of the material.  Maybe the attendees
of that lecture could get together for a tag-team SPUG presentation (dibs
on regexps! ooh, and can I do 'given', too?).  The best part is, if we get
anything wrong, it doesn't matter, because nobody can use it anyway.  ;)

-- Dan S.

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