SPUG: HTTP::Cookies question

S Bullo sweetsue at sweethomes.com
Thu Feb 28 10:35:41 CST 2002

Once again, I have a question concerning a module (what a surprise, eh?).  I
have determined that my script needs a way to implement cookies with a few
urls.  From checking, I assumed that HTTP::Cookies would be what I need.  I
can't seem to get into my head exactly how this works.  I have:

... (other coding)
use HTTP::Cookies;
... (other coding)
my $cookie_jar = new HTTP::Cookies();
... (other coding)
my $url =
my $cookie = HTTP::Cookies->add_cookie_header($url);
... (other coding)

When checking it, I see:

"Can't locate object method "url" via package (here my url information is
listed out in detail) at Cookies.pm line 104"

So, obviously I thought about this incorrectly.  I seem to have a hard time
figuring out examples at these sites.  Can someone pound something in my
head on this?


Susanne Bullo
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