SPUG: Perl alert system which will call me

Aaron Salo aaron at activox.com
Fri Aug 30 15:23:00 CDT 2002

At 09:38 AM 8/30/2002 -0700, Peter Darley wrote:
>	The problem with this is that I won't know what part of the system is down,
>and if the network is down it would be foolish to rely on email.  Plus I
>don't have a pager, or an email address for my phone.
>Peter Darley

ignoring for academic purposes the fact that sending mail to a cell phone
or text pager is the very best solution to these things (you can get an
explanation of the problem in the alert that tells you whether you need to
get out of bed at 3am and drive to the NOC or can let it slide till the

you would like it to dial your cell phone and use a text-to-voice
application of some kind to tell you electro-voice-synth-orally what the
specific problem is on the network/system/target machine? otherwise, you
intend for it to fire off a series of coded beeps like a BIOS that you will
use a decoder ring to decypher to tell you what the problem is? Otherwise,
the flaw you cite above about "not knowing what part of the system is down"
still exists in your dialer scheme.

hmm. presumably you are monitoring Machine A externally from Machine B, and
you wish Machine B to call you? Obviously if Machine A is in the crapper,
it ain't gonna be reaching out and touching you. Whoa. Maybe that image was
too vivid. So Machine B is hooked up to a POTS line and is running [some
sort of monitoring software] peeping on Machine A. Machine B smells
trouble, Timmy's stuck in a well out near the old Johnson place. Machine B
is supposed to fire up its modem, ATDT [your number], wait for a pickup on
your end, and [speak/beep] something audible to you or your voice mail? Or
is your intention to just have it call you, and you would then infer that
there is a problem by seeing that number in your callerID?


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