SPUG: Net::Telnet

Jason Lamport jason at strangelight.com
Fri Sep 7 13:25:07 CDT 2001

At 5:28 PM -0700 9/6/01, Benjamin John Turner wrote:
>>This doesn't work. It says: "Can't call method 'print' without a 
>>package or object reference." And the line number is the first 
>>$t->print line in the change_pass subroutine.
>>Is this possible? Does this make sense?
>	It should work as you described it, which probably means 
>there's a bug in your code. I'd walk through this code in the perl 
>debugger and make sure that you are getting a object back from your 
>call to Net::Telnet and that that object is being correctly passed 
>along to the other functions you've defined.

Or, if you're like me and hate using the Perl debugger, you could 
insert a debugging line like this at strategic places in your code 
(such as just before/after each subroutine call using $t, just before 
the return $t statement, etc.):

print( "\$t == $t (". ref( $t ) . ") at line __WHATEVER__\n");

It sounds like somewhere or other you're losing your reference to the 
object, at which point $t no longer contains what you think it does.


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