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Benjamin John Turner bjturner at mac.com
Thu Sep 6 19:28:28 CDT 2001

At 4:55 PM -0700 9/6/2001, Martin, Asa wrote:
>I have a question that pertains to Net::Telnet, but it is really a 
>general object oriented question. When I create a new Net::Telnet 
>object, I store the result in a variable (i.e. my $t = 
>I want to put the creation of the object in a subroutine and have 
>the subroutine return the $t object. Then pass that object to other 
>subroutines to do other things to it.

	It sounds like what you really want to do is subclass 
Net::Telnet. That way you could say things like:

my $t = new Net::Telnet::Subclass( 'host', 10, 'password', 'secret' );
$t->change_password( 'newpassword','verysecret ');
# etc., etc.

	That would be the object-oriented way to do things, anyway. It 
might also help you find your bug, since it's highly likely that 
you'd trigger an error earlier and closer in the code to the actual 

>This doesn't work. It says: "Can't call method 'print' without a 
>package or object reference." And the line number is the first 
>$t->print line in the change_pass subroutine.
>Is this possible? Does this make sense?

	It should work as you described it, which probably means there's 
a bug in your code. I'd walk through this code in the perl debugger 
and make sure that you are getting a object back from your call to 
Net::Telnet and that that object is being correctly passed along to 
the other functions you've defined.
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