SPUG: Why aren't they hiring

Marion Scott Warner warner at oz.net
Wed Nov 14 19:10:32 CST 2001

Gee, maybe we should build our own web site. We could call it:
realjobs.com, or actualjobs.com, or we_really_have_jobs.com, We will
require that employers provide the names of those they have interviewed
for verification. :)

Anyone up for collaborative projects? Anyone worked in niche industries
that need e-commerce automation? That is my problem. I have no specific
industry background, so I do not know what is needed where. I have a
VA-Linux server and Penguin Computing server getting dusty. I was
thinking backoffice automation for small business. The web based SAP for
the little guy. My problem is the cost to get a decent speed connection
to the Internet is more than rent or a mortgage. Just isn't going to
happen on my zero income budget. Perhaps a fate worse than death awaits
me. Back to drinking Budweiser, on second thought, maybe I should be
making my own. This is off topic. but what do you all think about the
impending peak in Oil production around 2006? After that, there is no
cheap oil and less and less oil from then on out . You think terrorist
are a problem?
Hey, I won't share Osama Bin Dickheads picture here again. Yes. it's
true, half of all Perl programmers have no sense of humor or a very
limited sense of humor.

Scott W.

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