SPUG: Re: Why aren't they hiring?

Alex Algard aalgard at whitepages.com
Wed Nov 14 18:42:04 CST 2001

Actually, I know that we'll be hiring at least in the near future. We'll
soon be looking to fill several positions. I'm affiliated with two
companies (WhitePages.com and CarDomain Networks), both of which are
Perl shops and are solidly profitable. I'd expect that an email will be
sent to this list when the recruiting for any of these positions begins.

- Alex Algard

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ck wrote:

> I've been looking for a perl position in Seattle
> sometime now and after using for some time one of the
> online job sites, www.dice.com, I'm beginning to
> wonder why some of the recruiters or employers haven't
> hired anybody yet.  They're posting the same positions
> month after month.  Is it that hard for them to find
> someone?  Sometimes I feel like I'm present or some
> one else who's more qualified is present, and why
> aren't these positions being taken up.  I guess I'm
> just frustrated, in dealing with recruiters.

 I expect that they aren't real jobs. My girlfriend has been looking for
test job for two months and can't find anything.

 I've heard from several groups that were hiring people that 20+ people
showing up to interview for most tech jobs. The market is extremely
right now. If jobs have been up for that long, they can't be real.


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