SPUG: Template system

Matt Tucker tuck at whistlingfish.net
Thu Jul 26 22:35:59 CDT 2001

-- "Wallendahl, Michael/SEA" <mwallend at ch2m.com> spake thusly:

> I understand the concept of wanting to seperate HTML and Perl code
> and how that could be good.
> When would I want to use a "templating system" and when would I want
> to go with PHP or ASP?  
> I guess PHP/ASP are different scripting languages, so if I wanted to
> stay completely Perl, then I would use a templating system.  Correct?

While I've never made extensive use of either, I've always felt that
the trouble with either of those proposed solutions is that they
totally fail to acheive the stated goal: separating logic from
presentation. With PHP and ASP, the situation is the opposite of Perl;
instead of burying the HTML in the code, you bury the code in the HTML.
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