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I understand the concept of wanting to seperate HTML and Perl code and how
that could be good.

When would I want to use a "templating system" and when would I want to go
with PHP or ASP?  

I guess PHP/ASP are different scripting languages, so if I wanted to stay
completely Perl, then I would use a templating system.  Correct?

Did I just answer my own question or just confuse myself more? :)


Historically, I have been of a mind to separate my HTML from my code.
Lately, I have come to realize that there are different situations which
call for different things.

In a web production environment, or in any environment where you
a.) don't want people who only fiddle with HTML to be worrying themselves
over your perl ("...but I only took out all those silly dollar signs...")
b.) don't want to end up making HTML changes yourself ("make it say this...
no, make it say that... no, you forgot a comma there...")

separation is A Good Thing.

On the other hand...
PHP, JSP and even *shudder* ASP can be good in an environment where you're
the only one (or one of many with the same skills) who will be maintaining
the code. Or, where you want one file to maintain that does everything
(instead of many with a template system).  

But, as you say, it's not Perl.

I think it all comes down to your project. :)

Alyssa Harding
UNIX System Administrator
Port of Seattle


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