SPUG: DBI, Oop, & Int. Perl Classes in Feb

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Wed Jan 10 11:29:13 CST 2001


Thought some of you might like to know that Consultix is offering
5 public Perl classes in Bellevue next month, so I'm posting the
announcement we just sent to our customer mailing list FYI.  Full
details at our web site.

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From:   Tim Maher, CONSULTIX
 * Perl Discounts Expiring
 * Damian Conway's Perl classes in Feb.
 * Pre-reqs for Damian's class also offered in Feb.
 * We Need Beta-Testers for "Database Programming with Perl"
              Course               Dates    Days
          Database Prog. w/Perl  2/07-02/09   3  
          Intermediate Perl      2/12-02/14   3  
          Object-Oriented Perl   2/15-02/16   2  
          Data Munging           2/20-02/21   2  
          Advanced OO Perl       2/22-02/23   2 
* Discount Deadlines Looming

This Friday, Jan. 12th, is the deadline for getting the discount
(10% off) on the "Database Programming with Perl", "Intermediate
Perl", and "Basic Object Oriented Perl" classes running in
February.  As detailed on our website, payments or PO's must be
received by that date to qualify.

* The Damian-o-Rama Resumeth

Dr. Damian Conway, author of the groundbreaking book "Object
Oriented Perl", popular Perl Conference speaker, and award-winning
author of freely distributed Perl modules, will be presenting two
seminars in the Seattle area during February, 2001.  The first,
called "Data Munging", is about processing text with Perl, and
is suitable for beginning/intermediate level Perl programmers.
The second is his popular "Advanced Object Oriented Perl" seminar,
which requires firm intermediate-level skills, and benefits
from some previous exposure to object oriented programming.

Damian frequently teaches short seminars at Perl Conferences, but
it's a relatively rare event for him to appear in a long-format
public class.  Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity
to learn from him in the Seattle/Bellevue area!

* Adv. OOP Pre-requisite Courses Offered in Feb.

To help students whose skills might be somewhat lacking attend
Damian's Adv. OO Perl class during this special Seattle offering,
we've arranged our schedule to provide prerequisite courses in the
week preceding his seminars (http://www.consultix-inc.com/sched.html).

* Database Programming with Perl Needs "Beta Testers"

The "Perl DBI approach" to database programming allows one to write
generic database-access programs that can interface with any of the
popular database management systems (Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, etc.).

Colin Meyer, a local Perl expert with years of Fortune 500
Perl DBI/CGI experience, has just completed a new course on
this subject.  But the first offering of any new course always
gives a bumpy ride, so we're looking for some help in testing it!

Accordingly, we're trying to identify companies willing to
have us present this 2.5-3 day class at their facility, on
their equipment, and to their students, for a nominal fee.
Students would need to have intermediate level Perl skills,
as provided in our "Intermediate Perl Programming" course
(http://www.consultix-inc.com/int_perl.html).  For example, they
need to be comfortable handling references and nested hashes,
and calling methods provided by OO modules. They also need a
basic understanding of relational databases and the construction
of SQL queries.

Interested parties please contact Tim Maher (tim at consultix-inc.com)
with information about what dates suit you (the week of 1/29 is
the earliest opening currently available), how many students you'd
provide, their Perl skill levels, and what brand of database you
can provide on the class system.

NOTE: Individuals interested in participating in this
Beta-test should sign up for the 2/7-9 public class
(http://www.consultix-inc.com/cgibin/register.cgi); in this
announcement, we're just looking for *companies* willing to host
such a class on-site.

* Happy New Year!

Many thanks to our valued customers for making 2000 the
best year ever for Consultix!  We look forward to continuing to
serve your needs for UNIX, Linux, Shell, AWK, and Perl training
in this new millennium. 8-}

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