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The educational challenges presented to our students today are greater than at any time in our history.  Students need to learn more, faster, than ever before.  Science, technology, math, language, literature, art - the challenges in delivering an effective educational experience can be daunting.  But, did you know that there's help?

Continuous Improvement in Education (CIE) is a revolutionary approach to learning that is focused on meeting students' needs and enrolling students as owners of their own education.  Thousands of students have already benefited from this approach, and we're now making available one of the most popular tools in the CIE arsenal:  the CLASS PLANNING AND PROGRESS PORTFOLIO.  Using this tool, all students can enjoy the PROVEN benefits already achieved by thousands of others:
-	Improved academic results
-	Increased attendance
-	Increased classroom curriculum time
-	Reduced disciplinary actions

With the CLASS PLANNING AND PROGRESS PORTFOLIO, student, teacher and parent work as a learning team to set, evaluate and achieve educational objectives.  The CLASS PLANNING AND PROGRESS PORTFOLIO will:
-	Motivate the student to take charge of his or her learning
-	Create a collaborative learning environment for the student, teacher and parent.
-	Provide the student with clear and reliable knowledge and skill learning goals.
-	Give the student a clear understanding of WHY it's important to learn what's presented in class.
-	Give the student control over tracking, evaluating and rewarding his or her own progress.

The CLASS PLANNING AND PROGRESS PORTFOLIO can be downloaded using your Mastercard or Visa card from the CIE Network (www.my-cie.net) in versions for elementary/middle/high school students.  Best of all, it's only $19.95 and may be used for ALL the students in a class - that works out to around $1 per student!

Introduce yourself to Continuous Improvement in Education today at www.my-cie.net - a website dedicated to sharing tips, tools, workshops, news and successful practices from Continuous Improvement in Education around the country - from professional educators and learning stakeholders just like you!  You'll also find videos explaining more about the CLASS PLANNING AND PROGRESS PORTFOLIO, and other tools available for download that are specifically designed to help students www.my-cie.net/tools.htm (Trust and Respect Workbook, CIE Implementation Plan Template, etc.).

In exchange for this special offer on the CLASS PLANNING AND PROGRESS PORTFOLIO, we simply ask that you read and post comments on your successful practices using the tool so others around the nation can also benefit.

Working together, you'll be amazed at what our children can accomplish!

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