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Michael R. Wolf MichaelRunningWolf at att.net
Thu Dec 27 19:33:03 CST 2001

"Steve Sarapata" <stevesa at microsoft.com> writes:

> The nice thing about emacs is its vi mode.

I posted a smart-alec answer (appropriately annotated with
an emoticon).  Now here's my "value diversity" answer.

Yes, I'm glad a vi mode exists.  That lets emacs be all
things to all people.  If your muscle memory happens to have
been trained in vi key bindings, then you get the power of
emacs with a user interface that's comfortable to you.  I
happen to have trained mine with emacs bindings, but it was
mostly luck; it could easily have gone to vi back in my grad
school days.  Which ever key binding you use (emacs or vi),
you can keep to them or delve into elisp.  I think that is a
lesson that many user interfaces could learn -- being all
things to all people.

Michael R. Wolf
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