SPUG: A refreshing look at a file system

Showell30 at aol.com Showell30 at aol.com
Wed Oct 25 17:20:04 CDT 2000

Maybe some sort of two-window Javascript setup could make the META=REFRESH 
solution work.  The controlling window would refresh often, and then, only if 
it got actual new data, the controlling window would refresh the main window. 
 Haven't this thought this through too much, but I throw it out as food for 
I worked on one project once where we had a browser-based solution to monitor 
live trace data, and we were able to make it work using non-parsed headers 
and other such things.  We eventually rewrote it to be traditional 
client-server w/sockets, and I was glad we did it.  (I used Win/MFC for 
client, Solaris/Perl for the middle tier).  It was an internal app, though, 
so no firewall issues.   Mainly I liked the client-server app better due to 
being able to add more GUI features that the users liked, but also the server 
code became simpler once the client got smarter (no CGI/less keeping track of 

In a message dated 10/25/00 2:58:57 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
wildwood_players at yahoo.com writes:

> I could use some form of META=REFRESH but that has
>  some problems because this is a form and the refresh
>  is pretty annoying especially when the refresh is
>  rapid enough to be timely and when the result of the
>  refresh is nothing happens.  A friend suggested I
>  embed a JAVA applet which would connect to the server
>  and initiate a process to monitor the directory and
>  signal when a change occurred.  But that might run
>  into firewall issues.

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