SPUG: A refreshing look at a file system

Matt Tucker tuck at whistlingfish.net
Wed Oct 25 17:09:51 CDT 2000

-- Richard Wood <wildwood_players at yahoo.com> spake thusly:

> Can anyone think of a qood way to keep the interface
> refreshed when a change occurs to the directory being
> displayed, e.g. when a script is completed, it is
> moved to the complete directory, but how can I reflect
> that on the users interface where the Queue tab is
> currently displayed?
> I could use some form of META=REFRESH but that has
> some problems because this is a form and the refresh
> is pretty annoying especially when the refresh is
> rapid enough to be timely and when the result of the
> refresh is nothing happens.  A friend suggested I
> embed a JAVA applet which would connect to the server
> and initiate a process to monitor the directory and
> signal when a change occurred.  But that might run
> into firewall issues.
> I am open to some other form of interface besides web.
>  Mostly, I would like to hear if anyone has any ideas.

Another option would be to "embed" an invisible frame (as it were) that 
has a high enough refresh, and causes updates of the data frame when 
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