SPUG: Summary: UW Certificate program in PERL

Gareth Beale gfb at sdc.cs.boeing.com
Wed Jun 28 18:28:15 CDT 2000

A few weeks ago I asked for feedback from anyone with any exposure to the
above subject line. A few responses have trickled in over the weeks, and
I thought I would summarise to the list.

I got only one response from someone who took the class, this feedback was
extremely positive. Another response came from someone who is taking the 
C++ certificate via Distance Learning, and this was very negative, as was
his colleague's experience with the Java certificate program. 

Not really enough to build a case either way. 

I got some feedback from some others, though this was mostly rumour, that
the course was Windows-centric. I contacted an instructor and was told that
this was somewhat true the first time it was held, but it's now about 50/50
Windows/Unix, and most of the content is not platform-dependent.

The biggest downside for me is that the course location is switching from
the Eastside to downtown Seattle, with all the inherent parking problems, 
not to mention the commute in my case. The location is somewhere on 4th. This
may be the the same lab that Tim used for one of his classes last year. That
was a UW facility wasn't it Tim?

I was also told by the UW office that they have no plans to offer this 
program via Distance Learning.

All in all, I did not get enough information on the program itself to sway
me one way or the other. A decision is more likely to be about convenience. 
It's unlikely I'll want to commute to downtown Seattle one evening a week,
but I think I'll go to an informational meeting when they come up, just in
case I can be convinced. Usually they'll hold these a month or so before 
classes start, maybe in September.

I'm still interested in any personal experiences with the program if anyone 
still has any feedback they haven't voiced yet.


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