SPUG: [OT] How to get project list in CVS?

Andrew Sweger andy at n2h2.com
Mon Jul 31 01:47:42 CDT 2000

On Jul 28, 2000 @ 11:22am, Andrew Chen wrote:

> How do I get a list of projects in CVS? After skimming through some CVS
> documentation, I looked at VCS::CVS hoping that it would have an easy to
> use interface for this operation, but there isn't. I asked around the
> office about getting a list of projects from CVS, but no one seemed to
> know.
> The repository is on a different machine, and I'd rather not hack it by
> doing something too weird, but I guess if that's the only way...

Well, this sorta depends on how you access the respository on the remote
machine. If you are using a local cvs binary via one of the typical
pserver/rsh/ssh, you can get a list of the published modules with:

$ cvs -d <repository> checkout -c


$ cvs -d <repository> checkout -s

The second one is only useful in those cases where folks populate the
CVSROOT/modules file using the -s option (the little documented status
field). Of course, if the CVSROOT/modules file is not being kept up to
date, then this is all pointless and you'll have to do something weird,
like using 'ls' on the repository directory (shudder).

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