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Barry Sharp bxs at sdc.cs.boeing.com
Tue Jul 18 10:43:24 CDT 2000

On Sat, Jul 15, 2000 at 23:13:42 -0700, B. Ingerson wrote:

> Here's my idea:
> I think we should have interested members of SPUG and ESPUG work together
> to create a new module for the CPAN. We'd register the entire group as a
> single CPAN author (handle = SPUG). (This automatically gives us an email
> address of SPUG at cpan.org which could be used for the author address of the
> module and forwarded to a spug-dev-list at pm.org) We can vote on a project,
> work on its design, break the work into chunks, have people volunteer for
> the various duties, code it, package it, upload it, and maintain it using
> the mailing list. This would probably span several months. We'd likely need
> a Development Coordinator, a PAUSE Uploader (someone with the password to
> actually upload), and someone to host a source-code repository, at a
> minimum. We can work out those details a SPUG meeting.

Let me introduce myself briefly -- My name is Barry Sharp and I work for the
Boeing Company in Bellevue. I support the High Performance Computing facility
for the Engineering divisions company-wide. I've attended Tim's SHELL, AWK,
and Perl programming classes during the past 6 years (EXCELLENT classes I
might add). Perl has been a company-wide 'standard' at Boeing for a few years
now and is used extensively in web, system administration, and other key areas
within Boeing.

I use SHELL and AWK primarily, and recently have started using Perl. My Perl
programming work incidentally is totally unrelated to e-commerce/web.

Brian Ingerson's idea, as stated above, caught my attention (I read every post
to the spug-list and archive them) and started me thinking :-)

My idea for a collaborative project -- and I have no clue as to whether this
is original or not:

Multiple Paned Web Window

Collect multiple web windows (URLs) and present them in a single web window
much like a having many frames on single micro fiche film. The idea is to avoid
having to open separate 'large' windows for each URL. The technique could be
used as a more visual example of historically visited URLs or simply a
collection of related pieces of information pertinent to a persons web research.

Provide the means for presenting one or more URL panes in a single web window.
If at all possible, each pane can either be added automatically or upon request.
As more and more web windows are added, the current ones becomed scaled down in
size with a subsequent loss of definition. Whenever the mouse pointer is
positioned on a pane a brief description of the URL is presented in text form.
Some form of magnification of a pane without actually opening the URL would be

-Preserves screen real estate
-Provides a more visual history of visited links worth remembering
-Improves a persons productivity in that many pictorially presented URLs can be
 quickly reviewed in a single large window

I'll stop at this point as 1) I want to keep the note short, and 2) I'm not sure
if this will be considered an appropriate response to Brian's suggestion.

Barry Sharp
The Boeing Company - Share Service Group
Engineering Operating Systems
P.O. Box 3707 MC 7J-04
Seattle, WA 98124-2207

Tel:   425-865-6411 (USA)
Fax:   425-865-2221 (USA)
Email: barry.sharp at boeing.com (stable)
       bxs at sdc.cs.boeing.com (direct)

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