SPUG: Report on SPUG->E(0)

Andrew Sweger andy at n2h2.com
Thu Jan 27 02:23:48 CST 2000

Okay. You've all been wondering what happened at the first ever SPUG->E.
Too bad you weren't there! Just kidding. Here it is. Sorry about the
VOLUME on the list. Not.

Ryan -- I mean, YOUR GRACE -- great job. Excellent facilities. They even
had free refreshments (were they free? I didn't look closely). The data
projector did only 640x480, BUT IT WORKED (unlike some other projectors I
could just throw down a stairwell)! However, on the downside, Ryan was
using some lame, super-secure OS. I'd say there were about 15 people that
showed up. One notable absence was the esteemed leader from the West
faction. There were other people (yes, I know who you are and so do _you_)
I thought would show up but did not (about three SPUG->W regulars showed

Ryan demonstrated a very clever use of GD in a web page (a page that lets
you draw freehand, after a fashion). Ryan, please do host that thing
somewhere and tell us all about it. It looks like fun. Besides, I want to
try breaking it!

Someone (I'll be kind) kept asking about practical applications that
directly use GD (as opposed to a wrapper that abstracts things like
charting packages). I don't think he received a satisfactory answer.

At some point near the end, the discussion veered sharply into XML and we
covered all the details. All of it, you name it. Sorry if you missed it.

There was a woman (sorry I forget your name) at the meeting from a company
called (something like) Chronology who said she works on a project with an
embedded perl interpreter in a C program. If you get this message, please,
if you would consider it, get in touch with Tim, Ryan, or myself (or the
whole list if you want) about the possibility of giving a presentation on
this topic. In fact, anyone with experience on embedded perl interested in
presenting! It would be very popular. I'm hoping to do this one myself
someday, but I don't have time to tinker with it yet. I might put one
together on XSUBs.

Next month, someone should stand outside to shine a flashlight on the
Lucent logo because it is _not_ so clearly visible from the road at night.
I'm glad I had a local as a copilot (thanks, Rob!).

All in all, a success.

You folks that thought it would be convenient to have an East side
location but *bailed* out, do try to get there next month.

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