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Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Wed Jan 12 01:56:43 CST 2000


I have a 2 programming projects that should be easily handled with Perl.
One is very small and another is fairly large and continuous.

The first involves converting medical records with clearly delimited
data fields into a different format.  I have the specs and it shouldn't
be that big of a job for an experienced programmer.

The second project is more complicated. It involves reading "pages"
of printed data from a file (that would normally be printed on a form)
and "scraping" the data off and putting it into a specified format to
be transmitted to another system for processing.

The specs on the format consist of a book of several hundred pages and
nobody seems to have this in electronic format. In other words I can't
email it to anyone to check out. I would however like to meet with
someone and give them the run down on the whole project.

After some initial face-to-face meetings, in North Seattle, most of the
programming work could be done remotely.

The first project might only take a day or two, but the second might
require more than a week of initial effort, and then some ongoing
maintenance for many months after that.

Applicants must know the data-conversion aspects of Perl, including
beginning to intermediate pattern matching techniques, and for the
second project applicants will also need to be good at deciphering
lengthy format-specification manuals.

The programmer will be paid on a 1099 basis, at a competitive rate.


Shawn Clark
Reliant Business Services
shawn at rbs.net

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