SPUG: Inline 0.30 has Shipped

Brian Ingerson briani at activestate.com
Wed Dec 20 20:30:20 CST 2000


Thought you guys should be the first to know. I just uploaded Inline
version 0.30 to the CPAN. (Give it a few hours to get processed.) 0.30
is a very major release. (See below)

I also posted the first edition of Inline::CPR (C Perl Run). This is the
thing I talked about at the SPUG meeting where you put a hashbang
(#!/usr/bin/cpr) at the top of your C code, and then just run it.

Sometime tonight, Neil Watkiss will also release Inline::Python (very
cool, I'm sad to admit :-) and Inline::CPP.

In addition, I am officially announcing inline at perl.org , the new Inline
mailing list. Send email to inline-subscribe at perl.org to join.

Cheers, Brian

Here is the README notes:

Inline version 0.30 is a major upgrade from previous verions. It

+ Integrated support for typemap files in C.
  + All the recognized types now come *only* from typemaps. 
  + The default types come from the default typemap installed with core
  + Typemaps are used to modify the Parse::RecDescent grammar for
parsing C.
  + This means you can easily use your existing typemaps.
+ Language support completely separated from base Inline code.
  + Beta supoort for C (Inline::C, included)
  + Alpha support for C++ (Inline::CPP, available separately)
  + Alpha support for Python (Inline::Python, available separately)
  + Support for 'embedding' Perl in C with my new programming language,
    (Inline::CPR, available separately) This one may warp your mind :^)
  + Simple API for adding your own language support.
    + Write your own Inline::Foo
    + Write your own implementation of Inline::C, or just modify 
  + Support for interpreted languages in addition to compiled ones.
+ Autodetection of new Inline language modules.
+ Much easier and more powerful configuration syntax.
  + More XS and MakeMaker features exposed for configuration (for C and
+ Flexible new syntax for specifying source code.
  + Use DATA section for AutoLoader, Inline, and POD simultaneously.
+ Support for using Inline 'with' other modules.
  + "use Inline with 'Event';" lets Event.pm pass config info to
  + Event.pm 0.80 has built in support for Inline.pm 0.30 and higher.
    + Write Event callbacks in C with extreme ease.
+ More documentation
  + perldoc Inline
  + perldoc Inline-Support
  + perldoc Inline-API
  + perldoc Inline::C
  + perldoc Inline::C-Cookbook
+ Better error messages and easier debugging.
+ Mailing list: inline at perl.org

Other features of Inline.pm include:

= Automatically compiles your source code and caches the shared object.
= Automatically DynaLoads the shared object and binds it to Perl.
= Recompiles only when the C code changes. 
= Changing the Perl code will not cause a recompile of the C code.
= Support for writing extension modules, suitable for distributing to
the CPAN.
= Support for generating and binding Inline subs at run time. <bind()>
= Works on all Unix and MS Windows configurations.

perl -le 'use Inline C=>q{SV*JAxH(char*x){return newSVpvf
("Just Another %s Hacker",x);}};print JAxH+Perl'

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