SPUG: ActivePerl 623

Brian Ingerson briani at activestate.com
Thu Dec 21 00:21:15 CST 2000


ActivePerl 623 is finally out on the web. It has those 1000+ modules
that I talked about at the November meeting. It also automatically
updates the ActivePerl HTML doc tree when you install a module.


Also, I would like to advocate ActivePerl for Unix (Linux, Solaris).
It's very quick and easy to install. The same goes for module
installation. If you're one of those people who always complains about
not having Perl 5.6 to play with at work, ActivePerl works out great
because you can just install it in your home dir, and delete it at the
end of the day. You could even write a small script to install your
favorite mods. Something like:


ppm install XML::Simple
ppm install Inline
# etc...

I really think its a great idea. I use it all the time. Nobody told me
to write this. I do not have a gun to my head... :)

ingy at ActiveState.com

perl -le 'use Inline C=>q{SV*JAxH(char*x){return newSVpvf
("Just Another %s Hacker",x);}};print JAxH+Perl'

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