Andrew Sweger andy at n2h2.com
Wed Aug 16 21:45:14 CDT 2000

Is it really that bad? I mean, it is *not* SPAM. It's SPUG. A bunch of
people discussing Perl projects on the Seattle __Perl__ Users Group list.
Sure, we'll take this to our new list when that's all squared away. But,
really, we're on charter. This list has been fairly quiet for a long time
(and I've been here since before the start of SPUG). It's not like it's
some social chat board like some other Perl Monger groups I could name.

So, anyone see what Buffy did?   ;)

I suppose if it's really turning into SPAM for you, you're probably aware
of your options. But before you do that, several people here would like to
hear what you hope to gain from your subscription to this list.

On Aug 16, 2000 @ 10:19am, Skahan, Vince wrote:

> Would it be maybe possible for you to set up another mailing list
> for folks who care about this stuff so we all don't get each message ?
> It's turning into SPAM for me personally at least.  While I'm interested,
> I sure don't want to see 20 messages a day about it.  A pointer to a 
> web page to peek at once in a while would be plenty.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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