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I think I agree with you. If we can get the infrastructure set up to:

1) discuss projects
2) divide up tasks
3) manage source code

then I think we could have as many projects as we want to. Since we are all
able-minded people, I don't see a really compelling reason to dumb-down
this whole process. If someone comes up with a good idea they should be
allowed to get the ball rolling on it. Then whoever takes an interest can
contribute as they feel like it. If there is no interest, then it probably
wasn't a great idea in the first place.

I do think that each project should have a coordinator who makes final
decisions and keeps that project rolling along. In the Perl tradition, that
person will most likely be whoever comes up with the idea in the first
place. :-)

That said, I propose that:
Brian Ingeron will spearhead a One::Liner project.
John Cokos will do the same for DBI::Wrapper.

I think this would be good for meeting attendance as well. At each meeting,
we could devote 5-10 minutes per project for presentation and group

Also, this will allow various people to wear different "hats" on different

Whaddya Think?


"John Cokos" <jcokos at ccs.net> on 08/16/2000 09:47:39 AM

To:   <B.Ingerson at epixtech.com>, <spug-list at pm.org>

Subject:  Spug CPAN

Just some thoughts on the CPAN module to be written ...

We kicked around a few ideas last evening, but never really
came to a final resolution on what the actual project will
be.  Seems like there were a lot of application ideas presented,
but not many actual usable module ideas.

So perhaps we could think of dividing our efforts into 2 parts
one: an appication, and two: a generic usable module.

My personal preference is a module.  My proposal is one
that I mentioned to a few people at Rock Bottom after the meeting:

a Wrapper for DBI.  I've gotten a good start on this, but it's
really a mess and needs TLC.  Anyone that's coded with DBD
can relate to it's shortcommings, and how much code it can take
to get simple things done.  The module I propose is a wrapper.

    Current DBI Way:
    my $SQL = qq^
        UPDATE sometable SET
           somecolumn = '$input{somevalue}',
somecolumn = '$input{somevalue}',
somecolumn = '$input{somevalue}',
somecolumn = '$input{somevalue}',
somecolumn = '$input{somevalue}',
somecolumn = '$input{somevalue}',

  John Cokos, President / CEO: iWeb Inc.
  jcokos at ccs.net

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