SPUG: Seattleperl.com

John Cokos jcokos at ccs.net
Wed Aug 16 11:43:27 CDT 2000

A followup on what we talked about last evening from my end.

1. Sourceforge
I have installed php on one of our dev boxes and am preparing
sourceforge for installation there as well.  Should have it done
and working in the next few hours.  Won't be available from
the internet yet, I'll want to spend a few days tinkering with it,
then I'll copy the whole #! to a live machine and point a domain
like "cpan.seattleperl.com" at it.

2. Seattleperl.com
The domain is up, I added a cpan at seattleperl.com mailing list
to it (you can signup from the website).  For now, we can
just monkey with it until we decide that this is the list we actually
want to use for this.  Also, the "job board" is up and running there
now.  I would like to see us move the current web content to
this domain, there's an online html editor there for whoever
will be the maintainer of content (Tim?)


  John Cokos, President / CEO: iWeb Inc.
  jcokos at ccs.net

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