SPUG: Inline.pm is on th CPAN (and other SPUG-dev)

B.Ingerson at epixtech.com B.Ingerson at epixtech.com
Wed Aug 16 09:46:55 CDT 2000


Well, for all of you who got an earful of me griping about the state of the
CPAN at last night's SPUG meeting, I have some odd news. Although I still
have not heard back from any of the maintainers(
http://www.xray.mpe.mpg.de/mailing-lists/modules/2000-08/msg00085.html ),
my upload to PAUSE actually did get moved into the CPAN proper (
http://search.cpan.org/search?dist=Inline ). This goes against my
understanding of how things are supposed to work, but in this case I'm not
complaining. :-)

Well thanks to everyone who showed up last night to the SPUG-dev kickoff.
There were many interesting issues. I hope that we can keep things rolling.
I was talking to Jeremy Devenport at the Rock Bottom afterwards. His
feeling was that to get something moving forward, someone should put
together a bare bones shell of a project. Then we could all evalute it,
start filling in the blanks, and enhance the heck out of it. So, if there's
any interest in doing the one-liner thing, I'd be happy to get it rolling
in a very minimal fashion. I suspect (and hope) that every bit of it would
get rewritten by the group.

Also last night, I promised to send the URL-s along related to module
authoring. Here they are:

The Perl 5 Module List:

The Modules Mailing List Archive:

PAUSE (The Perl Authors Upload Server)


The Scripts Repository

And the best CPAN interface of all:


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