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We've had a good run in the great conference room at Fred's Cancer
Center, but all good things come to an end, and so has our free ride at
this location. (Darn!  Just when some of us were starting to think that
we'd finally figured out the data projector! 8-} .)  We'll be allowed
to stay through December, but after that, they'll want $100 from us for
each meeting.

So we have a decision to make: 1) either start collecting dues, managing
accounts, and making rent payments, or 2) find a free alternative
location.  I'm in favor of trying Option #2 first, which is where you,
the members, come in!

If your company has a meeting room that you think we might be able
to use, please ask about its availability for our monthly meetings.
Thus far we've been meeting on 3rd Tuesdays, which I think should remain
our first choice, but we could shift to a different schedule if necessary.

Also, I recommend we consider all possible venues; that includes
the grungy meeting room with the rickety chairs at your company, and
the super-deluxe Internet-equipped state of the art room at somebody
else's company.  Naturally, we'll choose the best from our available
alternatives, considering location in addition to outfitting, but please
don't anybody refrain from asking for a particular room just because you
think we should be able to find a fancier one - that might not be true!

Now I'll sit back and wait for all your emails containing offers
of meeting rooms to roll in . . .

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