SPUG: RE: Looking for a good ISP

Richard Anderson Richard.Anderson at seaslug.org
Thu Sep 30 14:44:06 CDT 1999

A while ago I posted a query to this list asking for recommendations on
ISPs.  I am happy to report that an excellent suggestion steered me to
www.zipcon.net .  The owner/sysadmin is a Linux/Apache advocate, and he
installs system software (pdksh, Perl modules) the SAME DAY I send the
request, even when I e-mail him after business hours!

Contrary to one response I got from this list, my expectations of price and
service were not unattainable: the base $20 dial-up package comes with
unlimited connect time, 20 MB of disk space, 250 MB/month web bandwidth, and
full CGI support with Apache setuid configured so my scripts run as
processes owned by my userid.  And the webserver response time is more than
twice as fast as Halcyon's.  Web domain name hosting is only an additional
$10 / month, in contrast to Halycon's $95 / month.

Zipcon is so responsive that I am confident that their servers would be back
up in less than an hour of going down.  But they haven't had any downtime

Richard.Anderson at seaslug.org
www.zipcon.com/~starfire/home (personal)
www.raycosoft.com (corporate)

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