SPUG: Multiple uses of <STDIN> in a script?

Ryan Erwin ryan at erwin.org
Fri Oct 15 15:08:28 CDT 1999

Thank You Tim, Jim, El Jupe, Andy and anyone else that read my posts...
I had never really thought about how a pipe worked...  Now, that I have thought about it (and you guys have told me) I think I know what I was missing.  When you use a pipe, you are moving STDIN and STDOUT away from the user and into the Pipe...  That explains quite a bit...  I was thinking of a pipe as a way to send some data to STDIN, kind of like a keyboard macro.

I'm not sure what I'm was doingk, thinking that the way I used my open would work.  I'm going to claim tiredness (as opposed to some other form of stupidity...)

Thanks for all the Help

ryan [ryan at erwin.org] ;)

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