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Especially for you, I'm offering this "Beta-Test" of our newest course at
20% of its target price, to encourage you to attend and offer your valuable
insights into how the class could be improved.

(And if any of you "Perl wizards" are willing to spend the time to attend,
I just might let you in for free, and buy you lunch everyday too!)

Details follow.  Hope to see many of you there!


                        COURSEWARE BETA TEST!

                    Intermediate Perl Programming
                              (3.5 days)
                        November 16-19, 1999
                  Location: So. Lake Union, Seattle
                   Hours: TBD; Probably 8:30 - 3:30
              Special Price: $600 regular, $300 SPUGers

"Intermediate Perl Programming" is our newest course, and we're eager to
present it to some willing students to get constructive feedback for use
in the next version.  For this reason, we're offering sizable discounts
for the November "Beta-Test" offering.

If you have the prerequisites, want to learn the covered material, are
willing to actively participate by offering constructive criticism, feel
comfortable using a command-line interface to UNIX, AND you can handle
a class that will be rough around the edges, please consider registering!

REGISTRATION:  Register on-line, at http://www.consultix-inc.com, then
send payment information as indicated below.

PAYMENT TERMS: For this class, we're only accepting charge-card payments,
which should be received by 11/12/99.  For your security, FAX or phone your
charge-card details to us.  In order to qualify for the SPUG discount,
you must be the owner of an Email address that was subscribed to the
SPUG-list at 6am 11/3/99.  Please supply that Email address with your
charge-card information, if applicable.

REFUNDS: No refunds will be provided, unless we fail to deliver the class. 

SELECTIVITY: We reserve the right to pick and choose students for this
class, and to offer special consideration to established customers.
We also reserve the right to eject disruptive students from class,
if necessary.  Although we expect the class to run 3.5 days, we won't
be offering any refunds if it ends earlier.

                    Intermediate Perl Programming
                              (3.5 days)
                        November 16-19, 1999
                  Location: So. Lake Union, Seattle
                   Hours: TBD; Probably 8:30 - 3:30
              Special Price: $600 regular, $300 SPUGers


This course is for Students with previous Perl programming experience
who are ready to go "beyond the basics".

Students will learn to use language features and expert tricks that
allow them to write more compact and efficient programs, and to solve
complex problems more easily.

They'll also acquire new skills that will help them do basic tasks with
greater elegance, security, and "cool-osity"!


Students should have at least 6 months of prior experience with UNIX and
Perl, have Perl skills equivalent to those taught in our Perl Programming
course (http://www/consultix-inc.com/perl.html) be competent users of the
VI editor, and feel comfortable using a command-line interface to UNIX
while writing Perl programs.  The course is intended for programmers,
system administrators, network administrators, data administrators,
and webmasters.


Dr. Tim Maher has been working with the interpreted languages of UNIX for
over 20 years.  He has used them to write many sophisticated applications,
including a user interface for U.C. Berkeley undergraduates and source
code beautifiers for Perl and C++.  As the founder and head of CONSULTIX,
Tim regularly teaches courses on a wide variety of software topics.

LIKELY TOPICS (no guarantees!)

        File Management
	Data Management
        Security Features

	Advanced Pattern Matching
        Signal Handling
	Exceptions and eval

        typeglobs and Symbol Tables
        Variable Scoping
	Writing Modules

	Anonymous Arrays and Hashes
        Using map & grep
	Schwartzian Transforms

	Intro. to OOP
        Program Debugging

| Tim Maher, PhD  CEO, Consultix &    (206) 781-UNIX/8649          |
|      Pacific Software Gurus, Inc.   Email: tim at consultix-inc.com |
| "The UNIX/Perl Training Experts"    http://www.consultix-inc.com |
|Classes: 12/7-10 UNIX/LINUX Fundamentals;  12/13-16 Perl + Modules|

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