[Rehovot-pm] The meeting of Rehovot.pm yesterday and Padre 0.53 has been released

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 04:53:25 PST 2009

Yesterday on the Rehovot Perl Monger meeting I talked a bit
about Padre and mentioned that each menu item can now have a
'comment' that will show up in the status bar when someone is browsing
the menu items. I mentioned a lot of these are missing and that a simple
way to contribute to Padre would be to add these strings.

Then I went home and instead of sleeping I actually went through all the
menu items and added these comments. So that low hanging fruit is
now gone and all the strings are in the new release.

OTOH if someone wants to help it would be great if all these strings
were translated
to Hebrew as well...

ps. following is the announcement of the new Padre version:

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From: Peter Lavender <plaven at bigpond.net.au>
Date: Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 2:28 PM
Subject: [Padre-dev] Padre 0.53 has been released
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Thanks to everyone for this release of Padre.

Unfortunately I didn't get all the translations done due to some of
the work that Gabor did right at the end of the cycle caught out the

I'm hoping to have 1 release with a 100% translations done!  Might
call a "string freeze" to allow it all to be done.

Anyway, here's the release blurb:

This is my third release as release manager for Padre, I really did
have to change the heading!

It's been a busy 9 days since the last release. i spent a bit of time
chasing up our awesome Translators
 to make sure this release would see a complete set of translations.
The translators stepped up to the plate and a day before release we
had 4 green squares on the  translation status report.

Then Gabor found out how to add the tips in the menu to the status
bar.  While a really nice touch, the changes caught out the
translators.  I delayed the release for as long as possible, but
unfortunately not long enough to get 100% of the French translation.
Jerome missed out by barely 2 minutes.  Sewi (Sebastian Willing) only
just made it, so 100% DE made it into this release.

I'll see if I can't roll out a release with all our languages 100%  :)

OK, so lets get on with what has happened in these last 9 days!

    - Add initial version of a debugger using Debug::Client (SZABGAB)
    - Landed new multi-resource locking subsystem. Many operations are now
      prevented from refreshing the GUI multiple times. Startup, shutdown,
      open and close multiple files, session changing all much faster (ADAMK)
    - Ctrl-Tab behaviour is now configurable (SEWI)
    - Reuse the comment field of the menu actions and show them in the
toolbar (SZABGAB)
   - Added Preference setting to control autocomplete when editting a
script rather than
      a Module.  (WAXHEAD)

As with any release not only do we see new items and functionality but
there are always a list of fixes.  Azawawi got busy fixing problem
bugs in Padre that caused bad behaviour with Padre crashing.

    - Fix crashes when running refactor actions when there
      is no document (AZAWAWI)
    - Open resource searches now for user selections (AZAWAWI)
    - The Open resource's OK button is disabled when the
      search results list is empty (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed "Syntax Check" focus loss bug while switching tabs quickly
      and a syntax error is in one of them (AZAWAWI)
    - Help search does not block when loading a long help topics
      list (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed missing mime type guessing that caused new Padre documents to
      default always to Scintilla (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed Padre crash when closing a Perl 5 script tab quickly while syntax
      check is on (AZAWAWI)
    - Added "No errors/warnings to $project-relative-filename" to syntax
      checker. (AZAWAWI)

See!! Azawawi was just unstoppable this release.  It's always great to
see people return to Padre, rolling up their sleeves and grinding out
the improvements!

Performance improvements:

Adam Kennedy got busy with some major changes to the core of Padre
regarding the way it handles internal locking and refreshes.  This
should see some improvements to the speed of Padre opening and

   - Audited the startup process for database operations that either weren't
      being done in a transaction, or were doing crazy bizarre things. Startup
      is now noticeably faster (ADAMK)

And that's not all the changes.  You can always see what each release
brings with it and get a sneak peak of whats to come by checking out
the Changes file.

I'd like to thank everyone involved with Padre.  We often can be found
in #padre on perl.irc.org It's always a fun channel to hang out in, we
have some really clever people working on an IDE that I have come to
really enjoy using.

If you haven't tried Padre why not?


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