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Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Wed Dec 23 09:42:55 PST 2009

Hi Shafik!

I'm CCing your message to the mailing lists where the people who took part in 
the meeting are subscribed to. Hopefully someone can refer you to someone more 

(Sorry for replying in English, but that's the working language of the mailing 

Shafik is interested in people who know about Matlab GUI design.

On Wednesday 23 Dec 2009 17:56:36 shafik khalifa wrote:
> שלום שלומי,
> נתת לי קישור לכנס אנשים העוסקים במאטלאב. ניסיתי אך לא יכולתי  לצערי להגיע
> אליהם להגיע אליהם. התבקשתי להירשם לאתר אך הרישום כשל חרף נסיונות חוזרים
> ונשנים. בשל חשיבות הדבר אודה לך אם תסייע לי להגיע של מי מהם.


Hello Shlomi,

you've given me a link to the convention of people who are dealing with 
Matlab. I tried, but was unfortunately unable, to reach them. I was requested 
to subscribe to the site, but the subscription failed despite repeated trials. 
Due to the importance of the situation, I would appreciate if you can assist 
me in reaching any one of them.

Good luck, and if you can help Shafik, please do so.


	Shlomi Fish

> שוב תודה,
> שפיק

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