[Pdx-pm] MacOS Apache and mod_perl

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Sun Oct 30 12:09:35 PST 2005

>>>>> "Bruce" == Bruce J Keeler <bruce at drangle.com> writes:

Bruce> I'm a proud new Powerbook owner, but very new to MacOS.  I want to get a
Bruce> good Apache/perl/mod_perl setup going, and since I see so many of you at
Bruce> the meetings proudly sporting those titanium beauties, I figured I'd ask
Bruce> a few questions.

Bruce> It seems there are a few options out there: the apache that comes with
Bruce> MacOS, the one in fink, the one from DarwinPorts, or build it from
Bruce> scratch.  Probably the same set of options for Perl too.

Bruce> Which do you recommend?  Why?  Any pitfalls I should know about?

I used the built-in version for quick CGI testing, but my own built
like stonehenge.com's for offline testing of stonehenge.com.

I'm writing up an article for MacDevCenter on how to install
apache2/modperl2 on Tiger *including* how to have it be controlled
from the Sharing pane.  Should be published in a few weeks.

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