[Pdx-pm] Meeting followup

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Thu Aug 15 11:57:52 CDT 2002

I would like to improve the last night's presentation about building modules.
If you attended and have questions unanswered, please email me. I would like
to summarize and have a v1.1 of the lecture.


1. I was using a forked copy of ExtUtils::ModuleMaker. There is no
   script called "newmodule", it's currently called "eumm", short for
   the module name. Maybe newmodule will also exist in the new revision
   of this module, we'll see.

2. I glossed over file/directory purposes. This assumes you've used
   ExtUtils::ModuleMaker to create the module. They are:

.cvsignore       - files that CVS shouldn't keep track of
Changes          - a log of major bugfixes & other changes
LICENSE          - Perl's Artistic license by default, configurable
MANIFEST         - updated by running `make manifest`
MANIFEST.SKIP    - files that shouldn't be distributed
Makefile.PL      - creates a Makefile
README           - basic installation and use information
lib/             - location for .pm (perl module) files
t/               - location for .t (test) files

3. I didn't drill in the point that all you need to do to start
   developing modules is start with the proper framework, such as the
   one that ExtUtils::ModuleMaker provides. That's it. Really, it's
   just that simple.

4. To the guy who had never heard of CPAN - I missed you afterwards for
   beer. CPAN is both a place to get Perl modules as well as a module
   that downloads and installs them for you. Get started at


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