[Pdx-pm] August must be BBQ month...

Ben Marcotte ben_a_marcotte at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 14 11:45:17 CDT 2002

This month marks a special 20th anniversary for me.  No, nothing involving a
marriage or relationship, at least of a human sort that is.  See, it's been
twenty years since I started programming (yes that would be at the tender age
of 9), thus embarking on the path to utter and complete geekhood, and it's all
been downhill from there ;-)  

To commemorate, I'm having a party/bbq thingy at the house and PDX.pm is

8395 SW Garden Home Road (see directions below)

Saturday, August 17th about 6 PM till whenever...

Please RSVP so I can plan ahead!  I'm providing burgers, (both meat and
veggie), burger fixings, chips, dip, beer and soft drinks.  If you'd like to
bring your own anything else, it is welcome.  


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