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Leuth Bartels lbartels at
Thu Feb 8 12:14:11 CST 2001

I have been on the email list for sometime but have never attended a meeting
due to the fact that I don't program...I am the database administrator/ CATM
"engineer" (much maligned term)/ double-byte DTP "specialist" (another
abused word) for translation/ localization firm (I use Japanese FrameMaker
more than anything else, run on two towers connected thru a KVM switcher in
order to avoid corruption issues & do much of my computer work actually in
The nature of the business is to acquire skills to match projects, so I have
constant exposure to various software, as well as hardware & architectural
issues etc., while having very short timeline in which to master these
skills - I think the more coding knowledge I have, the easier that
acquisition process will be (although I am running on theory here, which is
akin to running on fumes!)  I find this industry fascinating & have decided
that the more computer knowledge I have under my belt, the more it can only
help my career with the localization industry... besides the fact that
learning this stuff is really FUN!!!
Please let me know how I would begin the process of membership & when the
next meeting will be.  
Leuth Bartels
Asian Specialist
& Administrative Manager
tel:   503.297.2165
fax:  503.297.0655
email:   <mailto:lbartels at> lbartels at
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