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MarkyMoon markymoon at
Wed Feb 7 22:49:39 CST 2001


 I am interested in stowing away on the next cruise. I am basically a  Perl
newbie (but not for long, thanks to a certain monger's swell books) and I was
wondering if I would be completely out of place or are there other beginners
involved with the group? I have tried calling the contact number for Maria
Webster that is listed in Computer Bits but it is apparently the wrong number
(oddly enough the number does belong to an IT manager, but the roomate who
answered the phone wasn't sure if that person is involved with the Perl
Mongers).  I  also didn't receive any response from the listed e-mail
addresses in the magazine or on the web site.

 Also, the IT manager at my day job is interested in joining as well. If
anyone could give me a little info I'd be forever greatful.

Mark Smith

Joshua Keroes wrote:
> [snip]
> So, back to the main question... when's the next
> three hour cruise?


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