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Jeff Zucker jeff at
Sun Feb 4 20:15:31 CST 2001

Heloooo fellow pdx-ers,

After an inordinantly long time, I am almost ready to release the
updated version of DBD::RAM, now known as DBD::AnyData and its sister
module AnyData.  These modules provide two different interfaces to many
kinds of data and files.  Before I CPAN the suckers, I thought I'd see
if you local folks could pound on them a bit and help me iron out the
kinks.  Some of the new stuff: it is now a heavy-weight XML contender
since it uses XML::Twig as middleware; new parsers for HTML tables,
passwd, weblogs, in addition to CSV, Fixed Length, etc., etc.; new
non-DBI tied-hash interface with lots of goodies (multi-dimensional tied
hashes using hashrefs as keys and ability to convert to/from any of the
supported formats); an open API for anyone to write new format parsers

Here's a brief sample (grabs an XML file from an FTP site, converts it
to an HTML table and prints it to a browser), this is the entire code:

  use AnyData;
  print "Content-type: text/html\n\n",

Hard to use, isn't it?

So, please read more about it and/or grab an advance for-your-eyes-only
copy and help me look for bugs:

(sorry, you'll have to shift-click to download it, the &)*)* host
changed their default data type)


Jeff Zucker

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