Permission problem with CGI script

Andy Selby andyfrommk at
Wed Jul 14 10:26:12 PDT 2010

On 14 July 2010 18:10, Lyle <webmaster at> wrote:
> Have you tried it without Taint mode? I don't see you untainting your input
> anywhere..

yes, but it didn't create the file still

> 777 permissions? What user is the script executed as? Are you using SuEXEC
> (you should)?

The 777 setting was just a test to see if it would write to it, I
think it is as apache (no user called httpd on a Fedora system),
I'll have to google suEXEC

> What's the PWD when you try to open the file? You may want to chdir to the
> right folder...

I assume it creates the file in the directory the CGI script was run
from, again, not how it will be when its ready to hit the internet but
for now the script is still in production

> Hope some of that helps

Thanks, I appreciate it

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