Permission problem with CGI script

Lyle webmaster at
Wed Jul 14 11:05:35 PDT 2010

On 14/07/2010 18:26, Andy Selby wrote:
> I think it is as apache (no user called httpd on a Fedora system),
> I'll have to google suEXEC

Yeah, I think it's user apache. suEXEC will probably sort your problems, 
it executes the script as the proper owner instead of apache. Is your 
site in /var/www or /home? You might find you need to rebuild suexec if 
you're in /home, I did an old guide:-
Or the apache RPM you get from the webmin repo already has a suexec 
built for /home

You can use Perls special variables:-

$< (user id)
$> (effective user id)
$( (group id)
$) (effective group id)

To figure out exactly what user and group the script is being executed 
as, then you'll be able to check what they user can do from your scripts 
folder in the shell.


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