Technical Meeting: Tuesday 8th July 2008

Tom Hukins tom at
Wed Jun 25 04:23:19 PDT 2008

On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 09:58:21AM +0100, Tom Hukins wrote:
> Milton Keynes Perl Mongers will hold our first technical meeting of 2008 on
> Tuesday 8th July at the Open University in the same room as last time.  Please
> join us for the following talks:

We have an additional talk:
Real Life Cross-Platform Testing (Peter Edwards)

I think this gives us a good mix of talks:  I wonder if we can manage
to get more than 10 people show up.  Tell your friends, particularly
those who don't use Perl yet!

I counted 14 people at our meeting with the LUG last night, and there
was port stout.  Yum.

I'm already looking for talks for some time in September or October,
so let me know if you have anything to tell us about.  It doesn't
matter how advanced or technical, and you can even tak for just 5
minutes if you like.


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