Technical Meeting: Tuesday 8th July 2008

Tom Hukins tom at
Thu Jun 19 01:58:21 PDT 2008

Milton Keynes Perl Mongers will hold our first technical meeting of 2008 on
Tuesday 8th July at the Open University in the same room as last time.  Please
join us for the following talks:

Source Filters (Tony Edwardson)
Tony will explain what source filters are, how to use them, what they
can be used for, examples of some popular modules which use them and
some gotchas.

What I Did on my Holidays (Oliver Gorwits)
Oliver will tell us about patches submitted, documentation written, and
a weeded allotment: a selection of interesting Perl modules and tools.

An Introduction to DBIx::Class (Tom Hukins)
Tom will show how DBIx::Class builds on Perl's DBI interface to
databases, translating records to and from Perl objects.

Arrive at the OU for 7pm.  Here's how to find us:
 First, find the OU campus as described at

 Enter the campus (signposted Open University, not Open University East),
 via Brickhill Street (V10).

 Take the middle lane past Security (on the left), through the barriers, and
 then turn right on to Ring road East.

 Ahead you will see the road narrows to single lane on your side of the road,
 where there are no entry signs.  Just prior to this is the entrance to a car
 park on the left (marked East parking extension on the campus map).  Take
 this left turn and head to the top right (North West on the campus map) of
 the car park.

 The meeting is in Venables Building, specifically the section marked South
 East on the campus map.

 Take the path (marked in yellow on the campus map) East from the car park
 toward the centre of campus.

 Take a right under an archway in to the courtyard area bound by Venables
 South, East, and South East, keeping right (heading North East on the campus
 map), behind the building section marked South East.

 You will find a double door on your right, which is the entrance to the
 South East section of Venables Building.

 We'll see you there, as these are usually access controlled doors, so you
 will probably need to be let in.

See you on the 8th,

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