last night at Wetherspoons

Julian Burdett jls2inmk at
Wed Nov 28 10:35:54 PST 2007

Hi - I joined this mailing list last week and attended last night at Wetherspoons but never got to chatting to any of the perl mongers, I started chatting to the LUG members and before I knew it it was 10pm so my apologies. I wanted to chat to you guys about Perl. My main interest is Linux/Unix but over the last year I went through the O'reilly book 'learning perl' and have written some basic scripts.  Perl really interests me through the sys admin possibilities where I can apply it to Linux/Unix - thats  my angle. If anyone remembers much of last night I was the guy in the red t-shirt chatting with Lug members on the table nearest the door. I look forward contributing to the group and I'll chat to you guys next time promise...

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