Coding Collaberation

Robbie Bow robbie at
Wed Dec 19 12:21:02 PST 2007

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Subject: Coding Collaberation
From: Tom Hukins <tom at>
To: Milton Keynes Perl Mongers <miltonkeynes-pm at>
Date: 18 December 2007 15:22:36

> On Mon, Dec 17, 2007 at 12:02:37PM -0000, Edwardson, Tony wrote:
>>  Suggestions on how to proceed ?
> Tony, I'd like to second Oliver's thanks for the work you've done on
> this.

Me too

> We should meet in the new year on a weekend when our brains aren't
> tired from work.  I'm happy to volunteer my house as a meeting place
> as it has wireless, comfy chairs or desks/tables.  Those who can't
> attend can try to join in on IRC, although I'm uncertain how well that
> will work.

TBH, I don't think it will and given my lack of proximity I'll duck out 
now to save grace.

> Anyone attending will need a laptop to develop on with Perl and a
> Subversion client on it.  I'll provide an SVN server for us to commit
> our work on.  If you'd like to attend but don't have a suitable
> laptop, let us know.

How about using the Google code hosting service?

  > As an aside, Robbie mentioned the idea of working on documentation
> together:  vague plans exist to improve Perl's documentation some time
> next year in Birmingham - I'm sure we'll hear about them if they
> materialise.

Now this is something I am still very interested in. It might be worth, 
separately, finding a good technical author and seeing if they could 
give a talk to the group sometime.


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