Coding Collaberation

Tom Hukins tom at
Tue Dec 18 07:22:36 PST 2007

On Mon, Dec 17, 2007 at 12:02:37PM -0000, Edwardson, Tony wrote:
>  Suggestions on how to proceed ?

Tony, I'd like to second Oliver's thanks for the work you've done on

I use Log::Dispatch too and I'd like to work on that.  The other
modules seem like good choices with the possible exception of
Apache2::AuthCookieDBI, as this requires mod_perl2, which takes effort
to install, let alone test.

Here's an initial plan for how we proceed.  Please improve it with
shinier, better ideas:

We should meet in the new year on a weekend when our brains aren't
tired from work.  I'm happy to volunteer my house as a meeting place
as it has wireless, comfy chairs or desks/tables.  Those who can't
attend can try to join in on IRC, although I'm uncertain how well that
will work.

Anyone attending will need a laptop to develop on with Perl and a
Subversion client on it.  I'll provide an SVN server for us to commit
our work on.  If you'd like to attend but don't have a suitable
laptop, let us know.

I expect we'll figure out which modules interest us, generate
Devel::Cover reports to see what needs testing, then write new tests.
We'll have a range of people from Perl beginners through to
experienced testers, so I guess we'll have a strange mix of people
helping each other learn, sharing their experience and using scary
approaches to tackling awkward problems.

As an aside, Robbie mentioned the idea of working on documentation
together:  vague plans exist to improve Perl's documentation some time
next year in Birmingham - I'm sure we'll hear about them if they

Those of us going to the pub can this evening can discuss this then.

See you later,

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