Anyone used XML::Smart ?

Edwardson, Tony Tony.Edwardson at
Tue Dec 11 05:56:53 PST 2007

> Rather than trying lots of syntaxes, I'd get Data::Dumper to output
> the contents of $obj and figure out the right one from its structure

Data::Dumper doesn't help here because XML::Smart treats each not as an
object so you can refer to each as a hash, list or scalar so you can't
determine anything from the internal structure.

I have just stumbled on to how to do it ;-)
You have to do it in two stages, a search stage like this

my $job = $obj->{'uc-export'}{JOBS_UNIX}('name','eq', 'JOB1');
and an assignment like this using the object returned from the search
$job->{SCRIPT}{MSCRI}->content("CHANGED TO THIS");

Nasty, but it works


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