Meeting: Tuesday 26th September 2006

Robbie Bow robbie at
Sun Oct 1 00:30:17 PDT 2006

Paul Mooney wrote:
> I just looked up what BOINC is... The SETI type stuff doesn't play
> nice in my field of work as we need CPU, memory /and/ bandwidth :(
> Each worker program can access a database quite a lot so working over
> a home users 1Mb broadband connection with its relatively high latency
> isn't ideal. SETI stuff is more about small data set, small memory,
> high CPU work.
> The EC2 instances "predictably provides" 1.75Gb of RAM which is pretty
> good but not enough for some of the things I run. Also if I had a
> central MySQL server running on an EC2 instance its physical storage
> is somewhere else in S3 world so access would be slow. If you're DB
> fits within the "free" 250Gb disk space you could copy the DB back and
> forth before and after the work is done I suppose :/
> But... you really can borrow super computer like resources for any
> purpose. World Domination is within my reach!!
Fair enough. Just that I saw there's a protein folding project using
BOINC and assumed that your kind of work would be similar. Just goes to
show how little I know!

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