Meeting: Thursday 26th January

Nik Clayton nik at
Fri Jan 20 08:24:40 PST 2006

Tom Hukins wrote:
> Next Thursday, 26th January, sees the next social
> meeting in Wetherspoon's (near the railway station, not the one in the
> snow dome) as it's the last Thursday of the month.
> For directions, see the Web site:
> I'll be there from 7pm, as usual, but feel free to show up earlier or
> later.  We'll probably end up discussing all manner of things Perl and
> non-Perl.

As usual, I'll not be there, Thursday being the day I normally have to stop 
working from home and go in to the office in Lewisham :-(

Hope you all have a fun time.

> Also, I'm in the process of planning our first technical meeting,
> which I'll announce soon.  Put your thinking hats on and contemplate
> if you have anything interesting to talk about, even if for only 5
> minutes.

I'll cheerfully talk about Subversion, svk, SVN::Web, and related 
technologies if anyone would find that interesting and/or is contemplating 
using Subversion/svk.


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