Meeting: Thursday 24th November

Tom Hukins tom at
Tue Nov 22 04:46:28 PST 2005

November has almost finished, so it's time for another Milton Keynes
Perl Mongers meeting on Thursday evening.

We're meeting at the same place as last time:  The Wetherspoon's on
Midsummer Boulevard (not the one in the snow dome or anywhere else):,-760468,10141597545315531158&li=lmd&z=3

The pub is in Central Milton Keynes: several bus routes run past it
and it's very close to Milton Keynes railway station.

I'll be there from 7.30 in the evening, but feel free to show up
earlier or later.  If you're worried about finding us, ask for my
mobile number off-list.

Last time we ended up talking about various things related and
unrelated to Perl.  I imagine it'll be much the same this time.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible, but if you can't
make it, say hello on Saturday at the London Perl Workshop (but don't
forget to sign up first):


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